Is there an option for the project management team to work from home?

The work from home is the common word we hear these days. The outbreak of Covid-19 has caused all these situations. When the situation went out of hands, all the states have started to lock their countries. It prevented free moments of people from countries to countries and to worsen the situation many places you are not allowed to leave your home. 

Now the work from the home situation becomes inevitable. And the project also teams not an exception from this. Some of the companies are observing this is the best way to approach. Because in the long run, it might prove easy to do cost management. 

  • Project Cost management

The important thing in any of the activities is money. And the same applies to project teams as well. Everybody knows the pain of work from home, but it is the only option left for running the project. But do you do work from home makes it easier for cost management? 

Yes, the companies must invest in providing the necessary infrastructure to project teams to work from home. It initially, without a doubt, not cost-friendly. But it will become more economical in the long run as it saves them money that needed to provide the transportation allowance, maintaining the workplace and other workplace-related costs. 

  • Work from home is not new!

For many companies, work from home is not a new phenomenon. Some small project managers are allowing their team to work from home since it is easy from the perspective of cost management. And many other big players also fixed certain days of compulsory work from home for its employees. 

Even we have many project managers; they handle their team remotely in the usual days. It mainly saves the time needed to commute between the places, especially in the cities where a traffic jam is ordinary. They can spend those time on other things to run the project effectively. 

Let us look into the benefits and drawbacks of work from home options.

The key benefits of work from home options are as follows.

  • Saves time and money

providing the option of working from home not only helps a project manager to do the cost management effectively, but it also helps employees. Most importantly, they can save the time which will go lost in transporting between office and home, and the money required for commuting also will be saved.

  • Work Flexibility

If you work from home except attending the meeting and other stuff, you can able to work at your convenience. This flexibility will not be available in most of the projects. And with the saving of commuting time, it becomes more advantageous. 

Now let us look at the main drawbacks of work from home. 

  • Difficult to monitor the progress. This monitoring problem becomes more if you have a large team.
  • Technical problems – The problem such as power failure network failure in one or other areas will happen if you continue to do WFH regularly. If it occurs during a crucial time, then it becomes a headache for project management
  • Interruptions from family.

To sum up, work from home helps for effective cost management, but it also has some drawbacks. However, after witnessing the Covid-19 situation, all project leads are compelled to work from home, and many are planning to work at least some days remotely in a month.

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How is the risk management measured during COVID-19, and what are the precautions to companies?

Effective risk management separates a successful business from the others. The outbreak of Covid-19 is causing a significant threat not only for businesses but also for humanity. We need agile management practices in these kinds of critical junctures. Many companies are taking substantial blows because of coronavirus. There are no doubts that every business will suffer now. But how do you manage and survive this phase matters the most? 

So, let us look at the significant risk of a business-facing now and what are the precautions we need to mitigate the risk in this article.

Agile management practices ensure Business Continuity

The most crucial aspect is running the day-to-day business. If any company can run successfully in the critical stage, then they should thank for their agile management practices. If they correctly handle the risk is, they can able to carry out the work with no significant hiccups. 

The alternative ways, such as providing the tools to work remotely for employees, are the best precaution any business can take. There are some aspects such as supply chain are out of the control of the company. 

  • Health of Employees

In situations like Covid -19, the pandemic will spread rapidly speed. Hence, many states are imposing lockdown for uncertain days. So, in this situation, the business should allow none of the employees to travel anywhere. 

Agile management practices such as preparing the employees for these types of situations well in advance by providing work from options with all required tools are essential. It allows the employees to work remotely whenever the case arrives—providing secure internet connection, and other tools to work in outrageous demand is vital. 

  • Economic Health of Employees

Agile management practices will look into the economic wellbeing of its employees. Providing a full salary to employees and wages to its workers is difficult. Especially when they are not working for many days. The best way is to extend the paid leave or sick time. 

They can even create a crisis fund to handle the situation like these pandemics. If this is also not possible, at least paying partial salary will help the employees to meet their day-to-day requirements.

  • Supply Chain Disruption 

In the coronavirus situation, many customers are facing disruption in the supply. The primary cause of this problem is over depending on a single country or source. A significant portion of the world’s production is done in China. Hence it cut down the supply of most of the items.

Agile management practices should learn from this and able to plan their supply chain correctly. The creation of other sources will help them get the required products government takes one channel out of the equation. 

We cannot be able to predict what happens. No one would have expected this level of a pandemic by now. But preparing for all situations will make the difference between agile management practices having companies and those who are lacking in that. In short, having the alternative contingent plans are necessary for the growth of every business, and it is essential because anytime any problem can arise. Hence it is better to be prepared than suffering.

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How did project management change during COVID-19

The outbreak of Covid-19 has changed everything. It is an unknown enemy for humans. Because of this, almost all countries have taken a significant hit. The economy receives colossal damage. But the impact is not only for the economy, but it affected each and everything of our routine. 

So, there is no need to tell it has even affected the business and our day-to-day jobs. Governments impose lockdown in many countries to reduce the risk of more casualties. It compels everyone to work from home. It is an enormous challenge for many organizations. Project management practices now have to be modified to work efficiently and complete the project on time. So, as per the situation, we need to change and adapt to the conditions. 

Project management practices changes with Covid-19 Pandemic

The pandemic has changed the way everyone works. Most of the businesses are facing the heat, but very few companies like technology-based businesses will see huge demand. The below aspects have changed in Project management practices. 

– Virtual Meetings

The spread of this disease will happen through traveling. So, meeting even your colleagues raises the risk. As a result, now, project management practices should change. The physical meetings have turned to virtual. Businesses are now increasing their technical capabilities to meet the need of the hour. 

– Project Communication

Communication is a basic need in all areas. No matter what, it is crucial in all fields. Now, as a project manager, you must communicate effectively by using mediums like Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc. It is not an easy task to bring all together since many challenges your teammates face. But in the emergency project manager has to work with this.

– Impact on project

Effective project management practices should evaluate the impact they are going to face with this disease. Many projects are anticipating the reduction in the budget. Hence many businesses are looking at how to reduce the project cost. As a result, some portion of cuts is going to happen in salaries for people. It is terrible news, but this is all about surviving now. 

– Evaluation of each project by itself

In crisis times, it is sure you have to sacrifice something. There is no doubt some of the projects will be canceled. So, it is crucial to evaluate each project and make the adjustment to save the project. Making compromise with certain things are better than losing the client. 

– Effective collaboration

The lockdown is everywhere, and it is without certainty. So, collaboration is the need of the hour. Many projects are from now on going to switch for remote work for full time. Because of this right remote working tools and communication tools are getting importance. The new culture should be followed that promotes transparency, collaboration, sharing, and teamwork over individual brilliance. 

These are the changes we see in project management practices in the Covid-19 situation. And this will change the way people work for sure. We need to adapt to the changes, and it is one of the main things in any of the projects.

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